(reupload in Creations Feedback) Welcome aboard to Crippling Ruined Yielding Simulator! (update log + advertisement of game)

welcome guys again, you may say, “hey wth is cry sim lol”, well you see, it’s an game with great scale of low poly map showcase, and also there is money system for you to grind in this game for iconic tools!
(it will take you gazilion of times for most expensive event one tho)
the game have bamboo backyard, the giant wall of copper, woodsteel town. in this big (sort of) open world game of CRY sim!
there isn’t that much inside this game but I wish you enjoy the gameplay of experiencing the giant scale of maps in CRY sim! thank you!

the game link to cry sim: click this link to get redirected into Roblox Cry Sim!

new update logs of update 225:
bamboo backyard have been added
there is now cannon that fires you into that one high ground in bamboo forest but there isn’t much yet
(this game have to much updates since I have been updating this game since early 2022 with small updates)

wanna contribute to helping this game grow and be better? comment suggestions or feedbacks below!
(I know this game sucks so bad lol :joy: )

(I’m sorry xMaverickGunnerx I posted previous post on wrong category, hope I did right this time, thank you for telling me that.)

damn now that I posted on proper category now no one gives care about my update log now
but it’s okay I guess