Reusing GUI or creating GUI?

I have been working on a game that works with a lot of UI and what I have been doing is when you close a window it just flys off screen and hides it, but I am not sure if this is the best way to do this.

I know that in some “experiences” it creates a new UI window and when it is closed the window is deleted. I have heard that this saves memory and currently my game is taking up a lot of memory, but is not creating any real problems (Then again, I have not tested it with many users).

Thank you for your opinion (:

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I would reuse it, because otherwise it’s gonna be a mess to get it all transferred to recreating itself.

I think you can make it that the GUI is visible = false when it is hidden to save memory. Just a theory

reuse, to easily design it without needing to use udims to perfectly position it.