Revamp on the restaurant for my revamp update. (In Progress)

I was a bit lazy this time around, but my friend is doing a revamp and made the bulding, but we would like feedback for it. I am gonna work on it when he’s not, and he’s working on it when I am not. It’s for my group Byron, and I would love feedback for it, to foward to him.

Old building looks like this:


I’m not sure if you have textured it yet, but try texturing the walls of the building! It looks quite bland and too sad in the inside with the concretes and stuff. Cafes should be open and fun to look at!

Overall, the design is amazing! Good job!

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I really like this revamp for your restaurant. However, i noticed in the first picture, part of the floor seems to be missing. Near the corner, outside of the building. Perhaps also a third material for the outside?

In conclusion, the furniture, and the menu screen in picture 4+5 are really nice.

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Hello Dev_Chamy,

I don’t understand why would you try to change the old building when it’s perfectly stunning.
unless you really have a great idea in your mind that you would like to implement,

However, I am still going to give you feedback on both of them since you have provided
pictures of them both either for comparison or any other reason they both look amazing.

Old Restaurant Suggestion
I would suggest sticking to the old one but change the exterior as I see you used bricks to represent nature. Therefore, I would also suggest using the terrain tool to enhance the volume of the surroundings that would elevate the restaurant’s atmosphere.

New Restaurant Suggestion
I love the modern touch that you have added to the building itself and the color scheme is matching
to it as well, The ceiling decoration fits perfectly under the ordering table and so does the lights as
they align perfectly, The stairway looks great I cannot seem to see the ceiling but I could already guess it’s a skylight ceiling which would give you a chance to give a grand view of the exterior.
However, as I am giving you feedback I don’t think I can give you negative ones yet as
it’s not complete and I am sure you will do a great job for the finished product of this restaurant
just make sure to squeeze in the polishing phase after you’re done.

Side note: there seems to be more than 1 type of light at the same place, try avoiding that if possible
it’s up to you how do you want to make your ceiling though it’s just a suggestion.



In conclusion, I would like to give you a round of applause because this actually looks stunning
and I am sure that it will turn out way better than any of us would’ve expected.

Good job and keep up the good work! :+1:


I see the points everyone is stating in the reply and it seems to covered alot of stuff we never thought off, so thank you so much for the feedback. And yea, I may stick with the building for a while more.

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