Revamp to Admin system!

Dear readers,
A huge change to our admin system is coming!


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Redoing all of the GUI/UI, making it more customizable such as color.

Setting screen
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Pick your color of UI.
Where the button to open the ADMIN GUI!
Ability to change your command prefix
Ability to change your special command prefix (help, fix joints, etc.)

Blacklist players from using certain commands!
(Shamrock Company Moderation)
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All of these features from our Moderation Bot
Blacklist players from using help command
Blacklist players from using report command
Blacklist players from cuffs tools
Mute players

Update to Help command
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Help status GUI/UI
Telling you your ticket status.
Telling you who is claimed your case and/or if no moderation is online at the moment, the Status GUI/UI will tell you and show a list of suggestions on how to fix your problem(s).
Prevents players from opening more than one ticket.

Staff on duty GUI/UI
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Official Shamrock Company Staff will get a custom badge in-game.
If they are on duty they will separate overhead saying there job and if they are ON DUTY!
Staff will get fly, teleport without permission, view player(s), and get there chatlogs command(s).
Ban hammers WILL be added

Commands list
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The command list will be revamped and will only show commands the user can USE!

Command confirmation
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Ability to confirm, the command action on certain commands like Kick, Demote, Promote, etc.

Promote/Demote command
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Ability to send more than one promotion/demotion request at once.

Command bar
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On Admin Panel there will be a command bar option that will function like the chat, but hidden.

Admin Panel Button
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Ability to access the panel via the button on the screen. (Customizable via Setting Screen)

- More info -
Custom leaderboard with custom functions such as report this user to Shamrock Company, View current team, View Rank in USAR and/or Shamrock Company, and more!

The loading screen will be an option after the first load.

Note; These commands/features are not yet released and/or finished/started.

With best regards,