Reveal references to SystemMenu icons for use in RibbonBar XML editing

I’m not a terribly huge fan of RibbonBar’s icons. Too minimalistic to me. I’d rather have the older ones, so it would be great if the references to those icons were revealed in a way that allows their use into the RibbonBar XML file.

This was something I was going to ask about at RDC East. Honestly, I think it’d just be best if ROBLOX placed the icon spritesheet in studio’s folder so we could edit it however we liked. I don’t think they’d have to change much to do this.

One of my biggest complaints was that with SystemMenu I was used to clicking on the first green button I saw to go into Play Solo, but ROBLOX went and made it blue now so I frequently find myself clicking play when I meant to go into play solo. This would be one of the first things I would edit:

Naughty play solo button hiding like that.