Reverting a place to a past version, then reverting back again does not work


  1. Make a change to a place, publish it and close studio.
  2. Revert the place to an older version, save.
  3. Checking the place in studio, the old version now loads up. Close studio.
  4. From the website, revert to the version created in step 1 and save.
  5. Loading up the place in studio, you will still get the old version and not the version created in step 1.

Reverting to versions created before the one in step 1 will still work, however it is not possible to revert directly back to the step 1 version.

Results identical with and without team create. Tested in a personal place.

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One workaround would be to directly download the asset version you want from the ROBLOX website, make sure to save as .rbxl and not .zip, open it in Studio, and upload it to your place slot. It’s not the most efficient method, but it works (only on games you own obviously). The base URL format would be

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Hi madattak,

Thanks for the report, we are looking into this.

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