Review my new game

It’s a simple shooting game that me and a friend have been working on for about 2-3 months and it’s finished. It’s nothing that great just a game where you shoot things and get coins and unlock more levels. It was more of a practice project then anything but I’d still like to you know put it out there and potentially earn something from it . It’d be great if u guys can give feedback on it and provide constructive critism and point out any bugs or z-fighting.
Here’s the link to it

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I broke it by giving the enemies the impossible task of finding a path to the roof of a building.

Also, they seem quite slow when nearing the player. +1 for making them pathfind tho.

The AI needs a few tweaks, but it looks like a fun game. Maybe it also needs a unique feature that makes it stand out among its competitors.

Well usually they spawn on top of buildings and I bet they can jump over each other to get to the top if that isn’t the case so it isnt that big of an issue.
Thank you this is all the scripter’s efforts.
I also think that the them being a bit slow is ok because in the next levels they gain speed and it can kinda get overwhelming when so many of them come at the player.
Thank you so much for giving the game your time

Implementing a pathfinding AI is quite a challenge and it might take some time to get it right (to make it seamless, quick and feel clever). You have a first version and you can keep upgrading from there.

Alright I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile: