Review my new game

Please let us know what you think of my new tower game.

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Hey! I think your game is completely amazing!

I noticed some things, that you might not notice.
Usually theres something on the map that makes it lags, Maybe the lots of terrain?

And the UI looks a bit more basic, Like a normal Tower Game, Try giving it more fun colors! For example, give some red tons, cool colors, UI Gradients… Some of them might help you a bit.

It’s not a bad game, but it just doesn’t feel polished. It looks like every other Tower of Hell rip-off that already exists. The stages look very similar, and I recognized many of the games assets as free models or potentially stolen assets from Tower of Hell. Also, the UI doesn’t match at all.

The stolen assets from Tower of Hell.


Hey mate thank you for the feedback ill look into the ui and stages :+1:

thank you mate ill looking into the ui thanks for the help :+1: