Revive players when their Humanoid Health reaches 0?

I haven’t seen many people talk about this and i think the title explains it all.

Basically i want to make a reviving system, but all of the code that i made makes the character reach 0 health, so i would have to spend hours redoing my own code, and i cant make my way around making the player “dead” whilst being alive (having 1 health and disabling everything).

If anyone can help me i would appreciate it.

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I believe you can not change the humanoid’s state after it is dead. Unfortunately, you will probably have to make the health stay above 0 assuming you can’t completely respawn it.

You can use Player:LoadCharacter() to revive dead players.

Edit : It moves them back to spawn so you have to save the CFrame of their HumanoidRootPart before you load their character