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About me

Hey there! I’m Reznovhil. I’m new to the translating, but not to the building. I’m building for around 1 year, but mostly for ro - nation community. I’m new to the translating, but I think it would be useful for some games since it is currently rare to find translator to translate English to Serbian, Croatian or Bosnian.
Yes, I’m translating from English to the Serbian, Croatian or Bosnian language, since it is currently rarity to find translator for these languages.


Since I’m looking to translate someone’s game, I don’t have any experience in the translation currently, but I have in the building. I’m currently working for the big airline group under name ‘LeMonde airlines’ as builder. These are some of buildings I made on the theme ‘Tenerife buildings’ for them.

Screenshots of the examples


I’m available from 13PM to 22PM GMT+2, Serbian time.


The payment for the building is always discussed, as it depends on the quality.
The payment for the translation is 4 ROBUX per word.


You can contact me on the discord, Developer Forum or Twitter.
My discord is Reznoven #4685 and my twitter is @SrkinecaRBLX.

Thank you for reading, I hope to work with you in future :slight_smile:
(P.S. This is my first portfolio :smile:)

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The last one said

And I wish you luck for your future, you said you know 4 languages, and that’s really impressive!

Hey there @SchwarzWalde!
What do you mean by ‘The last one said’?
Also, thank you! Basically all four languages are the same, just some words are different.

He means the last one said that error.

look at the screenshot i took. Thats what happened when i clicked on the fourth image.

Hey there @SchwarzWalde!
The image is now fixed. I accidentally wrote | at the end of the link.

My discord username is changed, my new one is following: