RGT | Staff Guidelines



  1. If you are caught being immature, there will be consequences.
    There’s a time and place for everything. You must be a role model for the community. Do not be immature in-game or in the general chat. There is a limit to how immature you can get in the staff lounge; if we feel that you are being too immature, there will be consequences.

  2. You are to use proper grammar the majority of the time.
    Professionalism is expected from all staff members.
    Admins: When you are in-game, you are to use grammar at all times.
    Discord mods: Grammar is only mandatory if there is a situation that is serious. (For instance, a person is breaking a rule.) If you are interacting with people normally, you are not expected to use proper grammar. Although we have lowered our expectations slightly, we would appreciate the usage of proper grammar at all times.

  3. Do not disrespect any staff members or HRs.
    This rule should be common sense. If you insult or make a staff member upset, you will be receiving a strike.

  4. When an HR tells you to do something, you must respond with one of the proper responses listed:
    “Yes, sir.”
    “Yes, ma’am.”
    “Got it.”
    “Will do.”
    (Or anything that demonstrates respect and lets them know you are serious.)
    Please note that if you respond with “._.” or “.-.” to an HR, you will be given a warning followed by a strike if it happens again.

  5. Staff members are only allowed two strikes. If you have been given two strikes, you will be demoted from your position.
    When you are given your first strike, please do not complain. Complaining or whining about your strike will lead to a demotion.

  6. (Admin) If you do not reach 75 reports, you will receive a strike.
    If you have an inactivity note or give your Head Admin a reason as to why you weren’t able to reach it, you will be excused. However, we will not accept last minute excuses. You have to let them know beforehand.

  7. (Discord mod) If you are caught false warning a person as a joke, you will be demoted.
    With great power comes great responsibility. Do not false warn on purpose, even if it’s a joke.

  8. If you are caught making false inactivity notes, you will earn a strike.
    It’s fine sending inactivity notes. However, if you’re sending note constantly to the point where it seems suspicious or you are caught making a false inactivity note to avoid doing reports, you will receive a strike.

  9. When you are sending inactivity notes, please make sure that they are sent to the Head Staff of your department.
    They are the ones that do the checklist, so they are your first choice when sending an inactivity note.
    Please make sure to include why you are going to be inactive and provide a date on when you will return.

  10. Having an inappropriate playing status or inappropriate profile picture will lead to a strike or demotion, depending on the situation.

  11. If you happen to ban someone on accident, please contact an HR and they will fix the problem.
    Everyone makes mistakes so don’t be afraid to tell an HR.

  12. If you are caught leaking any serious or personal information from the staff lounge, you will receive a strike.
    Whatever is in the staff lounge stays in the staff lounge. Don’t leak any staff information to the general.

  13. If you want to switch departments, you must have worked in your current role for 2-3 months.
    This ensures that you’ve put enough work in your current position before you switch.
    Switching back also requires 2-3 months of work on your new role.

  14. You will not be demoted for criticizing us.
    Everyone has the right to give their thoughts and opinions on what you think we are doing wrong
    However, if you are being rude while criticizing us, you will receive a strike.

  15. You are not allowed to raid anyone else’s discord server. (Especially other popular ROBLOX discord servers.) If we get a complaint saying that our staff raided a discord server, anyone that participated in the raid will get a strike.

That’s all for now!
Thank you and have a wonderful day. \o/

-The HR team of ROBLOX’s Got Talent

Last updated/edited: 10/18/17

Edited by Xallieur.