RIA Official Ferrari HQ Rules & Inquiries

Hello, Welcome to the Ferrari HQ! In this HQ we do many things and we are associated with RIA. In Ferrari we are a F1 Team and we do daily sessions and trainings // try-outs and we do daily hours of normal work in the Departments of Ferrari HQ.
Here are some Terms Of Service for our Ferrari HQ listed below:

  1. Make sure you respect your superiors and visitors, this is one of the important rules and failure to do so will get you fired.

  2. If you have permission to use Admin commands from Staff, do NOT abuse them. This can result in a warning or a demotion for Adonis Admin commands.

  3. If you are working inside a Department, make sure you Roleplay your actions to what you are doing in the Department. If we see any foolishness we will give you a infraction for lacking around.

  4. If you want to speak to somebody a higher rank then you for any inquiries make sure you head to their Office.

  5. This is similar to Rule No.4, If you lack around in the Offices rooms you will instantly be given a strike or a kick from the server followed be a provided, valid reason.

  6. Make sure you know how to do your role // job. Failure to do your job can get you fired from Ferrari.

  7. In trainings or try-outs, if PTS is disabled you do NOT speak or ask questions. This could result with you been given a warning or dismissed from training if you violate this rule multiple times.

  8. If you are AFK or you need to go AFK, (Away From Keyboard) just wait until PTS is enabled and then ask the Trainer to be dismissed for a bit while your AFK.

This all for the rules, if I have missed anything out or would be good as a Ferrari HQ rule then post it in rTech Studios or RIA Official Ferrari group. We will now move onto Department Purposes and Roles. This is really important so we suggest reading this part of the forum aswell.

Ferrari Departments are used to separate each Ferrari job in our team. This also helps what you would like to work for in which Department you choose to be hired from. Say for example I wanted to work for the Powertrain Department. This would mean that you would be working on the car’s engine and gearbox components. Below this stanza I will show you all of the working and available Departments in Ferrari and how it works.

  1. Marketing Sponsors & Contract Renewal Department
    This Department looks at the Driver’s and other workers contracts from the database and looks at Sponsorship for Ferrari to gain more money every session or to achieve something within that sponsor.

  2. Powertrain Department
    This Department looks at the car’s Performance status on the Engine and helps to improve the gearbox components using the R&D Tree. This also builds the new components together on the engine if one of the components is broken or old.

  3. Durability Department
    This Department looks at the car’s durability at a certain speed. This also looks on crashes, whenever the car crashes they can test to see which part of the car is more sustainable and durable on the car.

  4. Chassis Department
    This Department shows the fitting of car parts like the front wing and the rear wing and also the wheels.

  5. Aerodynamics Department
    This Department shows the effect on Aerodynamics such as the Front wing and Rear Wing, this also shows where the air goes when it hits the Aerodynamics.

  6. Physiotherapy Department
    This Department looks at Driver’s comfortability with driving inside the car and on track, this also makes sure how the driver feels about driving aswell.

This is all for now, anything that I have missed you shall comment on my group aka, rTech Studios or Ferrari group. :blush: