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Welcome to Ribeye Royale! Ribeye Royale stands as an interactive and distinctive steakhouse within the ROBLOX platform, dedicated to providing our users with unforgettable experiences. Here at Ribeye Royale the possibilities are endless, from cooking and serving to even participating in community events. Our users can indulge in the art of grilling the perfect steak, mastering the art of serving, and engaging in a dynamic community atmosphere.


Game Rules

It is mandatory to follow Ribeye Royale Community Guidelines, as well as Roblox Terms of Use and Roblox Community Standards.

  • Always respect other users who play Ribeye Royale at all times. Bullying, harassment or hate speech is strictly forbidden.
  • Discrimination, racism or sexism is absolutely prohibited.
  • There are absolutely no refunds on any of our gamepasses or products.
  • Bypassing the chat filter will result in appropriate action taken against your account.
  • Self-advertising, promoting other communities apart from Ribeye Royale is strictly forbidden.
  • Discussing any morbid topics for 18+ is strictly forbidden.
  • Zero tolerance of any form of exploitation in any server will result in serious moderation action taken against your account.
  • Bypassing any of these rules, for example finding any loopholes in our systems will result in appropriate action taken against your account.

Failure to follow these regulations set by the Leadership Team can and will result in disciplinary action(s) taken against you with the inclusion of possible removal from the community. If you violate a rule, you may be either warned, kicked, or banned based on the severity of the situation and the determination of a official Staff Member. If you believe you were wrongfully disciplined, please contact a member from our Human Resources Department. This statement applies to all community guidelines which are stated above.

Rank Information


Steakhouse Fam refers to individuals within our community who have chosen to join our group. They hold a cherished place as valued members of our Family.

Noted Fam are people with significant contributions and honoring. These people consist of former high ranks and former contributors within our Family.

This role is given to our alliance representatives to represent their group within the Ribeye Royale Steakhouse Community and are important members of their respective communities.


A Trainee is an individual who has recently submitted a Staff Application and is now prepared to undergo training at our Training Facility!

This role is given to people who passed their training and are ready to work at the Steakhouse. This is the first staff rank.

This role is given to people who have reached 200 points. The people who have this role are more experienced in being a Server.

This role is given to people who have reached 400 points and have passed their training session to become a Chef. The people who get this role get access to the kitchen where all the magic happens.

This role is for more experienced chefs which have reached 500 points. Good job and keep up the good work!

This role is for people who have reached 750 points and attended a training session! This role is given to people who spend a lot of time in our game and get a lot of points, you are a very hard worker! Keep up the good work.

This role is given to people who have reached 1000 points and have attended their final training session. They are more experienced and expert staff who know how to do all the different tasks in the steakhouse. Your job is to make sure that all workers are doing their job correctly and help out any staff members who are in need of assistance.


Steakhouse Supervisors are Staff Leaders who have proven themselves through their dedication, effort and passed MR Recommendations or Middle Rank Applications. They worked extremely hard for this rank and all ranks below must follow the orders of a Steakhouse Supervisor, as they are permitted to request demotions for a LR.

Assistant Manager is the second management rank at Ribeye Royale. They are allowed to train, assist, and spectate at Training Session. They can also supervise at the steakhouse but are unable to ban users.

Steakhous Manager is the third management rank at Ribeye Royale. They are able to host, train, assist and spectate at training sessions. They can also supervise at the steakhouse. General Managers are mostly more experienced and know how our moderation system works.

Operations Coordinator is the last management rank at Ribeye Royale. They are able to do anything at a training session, from hosting to spectating. They may also supervise at the steakhouse and host minigames for our community. People with this rank are able to coordinate Middle Ranks.


Corporate Assistant is our first Corporate Rank. People with this role are able to choose between two departments, which are Human Resources and Public Relations. People in Corporate are very important to Ribeye Royale as they help to coordinate MRs, recruit MRs and assist their department!

Corporate Officers is our second Corporate Rank. People with this role are more experienced and expert with their position and have shown dedication to Ribeye Royale, the community and their department.

Senior Corporate Officer is our last Corporate Rank. People with this role have been showing more than enough potential to the Presidential Team and are ready to become an Executive Assistant.


The Leadership Team consist of a variety of roles who work together as a team to keep Ribeye Royale fun, engaged, interactive and unique by assuring that there are active updates to keep the community engaged, overseeing the group’s internal management and overseeing the departments and the community. The Leadership Team are responsible for working alongside the Owner & Chief Executive Officer to maintain the daily operations of Ribeye Royale.

Moderation System

All members of our community will be expected to follow our guidelines at all times. If any member chooses to break our rules, then the following will be issued:

Verbal Warning (Reminder): You will be asked to adhere to the rules and stop with what you’re doing.

Warning: If you continue with violating our rules, you will be warned and possibly removed from the server.

Banned: If you return to the server and continue to violate our regulations, a ban will be issued resulting in a removal from the server.

All staff members here at Ribeye Royale will receive 3 warnings. Upon reaching a third warning, the LR will be removed from their current rank and will be demoted to community level. These warnings are recorded and will not expire after a certain time length.

Those who face repeated demotions may ultimately find themselves ineligible for future staff positions and participation in the game as community members. In severe instances, Low Ranks may be directly blacklisted from the game.

Working at Ribeye Royale

Would you like to join our outstanding staff team, sizzling with talent and passion, as we grill up an unforgettable experience for our guests? Then come work at Ribeye Royale Steakhouse!

  • Firstly, make sure you have joined our Roblox Group. If you have not, you cannot receive any rank-ups. When you have joined our group, head on down to the Application Center and succesfully pass the Staff Application! If you passed, you will be automatically ranked to Trainee!

  • After you have became an Trainee, you will need to attend a training session at the Training Facility. We offer 6 training sessions every week, offering everyone the chance in becoming the best of themselves. If you are interested in our training times, they can either be found in the description of the Training Facility, the ‘‘Training Times’’ section in this handbook or by joining our communications server located in social links of the group.

  • Make sure to attend a training session atleast 5 minutes before it starts! The servers open at XX:50 offering enough time for anyone to attend the training session. When the session commences, the host will state crucial information that is essential for your career here. It is recommended to pay attention to this information and read everything stated by the host. After the host is done, you will be redirected to your training rooms where you will be trained.

Training Times

Below you can find the Training times, please understand that the times provided below are Starting Times for when the training starts. Trainings can reach up to 20 minutes.


12:00 AM EST / 5:00 AM GMT
4:00 AM EST / 9:00 AM GMT
8:00 AM EST / 1:00 PM GMT
12:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM GMT
4:00 PM EST / 9:00 PM GMT
8:00 PM EST / 1:00 AM GMT


1:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM GMT
4:00 AM EST / 9:00 AM GMT
7:00 AM EST / 12:00 PM GMT
10:00 AM EST / 3:00 PM GMT
1:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM GMT
4:00 PM EST / 9:00 PM GMT
7:00 PM EST / 12:00 AM GMT
10:00 PM EST / 3:00 AM GMT

It is important to know that a session might be cancelled/delayed due to the availabillity of the host and the management team. Please understand that there are enough sessions every day offering you the chance in becoming a member of staff. These times are subject to change/to be cancelled throughout the annual year depending as a result of certain events or public holidays.

Affiliate Information

Here at Ribeye Royale, we are always looking for groups interested in forming an alliance with us. We value and appreciate every single one of our alliances as they matter a lot to us. In addition, we strive to do our best to work with those we are affiliated with to make the most out of the partnership as we grow together in the ROBLOX roleplay industry.

It is most important that we (both alliances) benefit from each other. Here’s why we have crafted out some requirements alliances are supposed to follow to ensure we work with the best.

  1. Your group should have a minimum of 100 non-botted group members and a minimum of 50 discord members.
  2. Your group can not be an airline, military, theme park, hospital or any fan-based group.
  3. It is restricted to have any MR+ ranks for sale.
  4. Your group should have a good reputation and a professional discord server.
  5. Interested groups must also send at least two representatives to represent the alliance.
  6. Your group may not speak negatively about us or troll on any of our grounds.

By requesting an alliance with Ribeye Royale Steakhouse, Ribeye Royale and other affiliates should mutually benefit from one another by announcing our events when informed, in addition to any other major events that you may be asked to announce. Between each affiliation, we establish a level of trust, and therefore, both parties must and will respect each other’s policies. No party should be able to dictate what policies each other can or cannot create. Unless impacted by the decision, affiliates agree that they must not involve themselves and take action on decisions that we make unless directly impacted.

When you’ve read and agreed with all the information provided above, you are ready to request a alliance with Ribeye Royale. Please contact a member of the Public Relations Department here, and send them a message including with the questions provided below:

  1. Please provide the links to your ROBLOX group and Discord Server.
  2. How many members does your group have and how many players does your main-game have on a daily basis, how is it active?
  3. What makes your group stand out from other groups?
  4. How will your group benefit us and how are we going to benefit your group?
  5. What are the Discord tags and usernames of the individuals who are going to represent your group if your submission gets accepted?
  6. Have you read and accept our agreements and agree to abide by it throughout the journey of our alliance?

For more information or further inquiries about the affiliate information, please direct them to a member of our Public Relations Team!


Ribeye Royale Steakhouse
Application Center
Training Facility
Ribeye Royale Group Link
Ribeye Royale Youtube
Ribeye Royale Twitter


Thank you for reading the Ribeye Royale Public Handbook! We hope we have helped you out. Should you have any further inquiries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Official Staff Members.

Signed by,
Owner & Chief Executive Officer

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