RIC Engineers: Handbook

RIC Engineers: Handbook

This handbook is to be used for those in Engineers that may have questions about what we do and how we work. This handbook will
also be used as a guide for fixing roadway problems.

Table Of Contents

  • What is Engineers?

  • Bloxxer Corps Department

  • Roadway Problems

What is Engineers?

Engineers are the people fixing and keeping the roads safe for Civilians/Visitors to drive on. Engineers are responsible for fixing any kind of damage on the roads such as potholes, water main breaks, damaged roadways, electrical breaks, etc. They are also the ones responsible for traffic management. Say if the water tower falls in town their job is to make a new route for people to go through to avoid the water tower. They also block off some entrances to the highway for safety reasons. Engineers is ran in two departments, the Maintenance Department and the Developer Department. Maintenance Department being the Engineers. The Maintenance Department is currently lead by ENCOM Shady_Ops.

Bloxxer Corps

Bloxxer Corps are the developers of Engineers. They are given tasks on things to build given by the ENCOM of the developer department. They sometimes may be given a big project to build together and work as a team. These people don’t do much Maintenance work at HQ because they primarily work on building. The Developer Department is currently lead by ENCOM TheActualHeroEXE.
Roadway Problems

Electrical break: Requires Pickup w/ Tool box, Get the rake, rake the electrical break(try not to get too injured you will die), then use the wire cutters on the square, then place a new wire, then click on the square with the wire nuts, then tape the wires up, all that is done by clicking on the square with the tool. Then finally re-rake the square and the electrical break is fixed.

Potholes: Pretty simple, nearly every engineer tuck has these tools. Rake the pothole, place alphasalt on the pothole, and re-rake, the pothole disappears.

Water main breaks: Same as pot holes nearly every truck has these tools. Rake the water brake, place a water pipe on the square which shows up, then re-rake, the water main is fixed.

Oil spills: Close the valve located behind arsenal hill, then close the affected area off by the oil spill. Start to place oil dri’s on the oil spill, then wait for it to fully disappear. Rake where the last bit of oil was, place a water pipe on the gass square, and re-rake, the oil spill is cleaned up.

Water tower collapse: Close highway, make some sort of a traffic pattern for cars to take while avoiding the fallen tower. If you deem it necessary, block off all of the entrances to the highway. Get at least 2 hazmat response trucks to the water tower, wait for the water to stop coming out and then start using oil dri on the affected area. Once all of the water is cleared out two cranes will spawn and you will have to click a button on one of the cranes that says “Begin repairs”.

ENCOM Shady_Ops

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