RichText [TextScaled Support Added]

The size tag bypasses the size constraint of 1-100, as seen here:

I believe this is unintended behavior, as the post states that the size integer is equivalent to the TextSize, which constrains the size between 1-100:


Thanks for collecting these feedbacks~ We have some follow-up plans on improving the current font quality for development, which in the first phase would be adding more fonts. You will see the next step action from us soonish.
We are experimenting with Custom fonts, while it need more time as it involves things with license and secure concerns.

Special things about fonts

For more details, Fonts encodes series of instructions that tells machine how to generate the bitmap, which is equivalent to code. Allow custom code definitely introduce more vulnerability and secure concerns.
You can check the following doc.

We can pull in more open license fonts in or even streaming fonts, while for supporting custom fonts that is designed by individuals needs more investigation.


It could add syntax highlighting support for this. Replacing each keyword/built-in/number/etc with a tag is horrible. Then they could add support for VS Code; then just maybe Roblox couldn’t get any better.

I found a bug with the PlaceholderText property

When RichText is on and you aren’t focused into the TextBox, it won’t show the placeholder.

Nice, now its easier than ever to make GUI

The TextFits property doesn’t seem to work when RichText is enabled on a TextLabel. Having a hard time making a custom chat with RichText because of that.

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This feature has buffed my chat system so much, it works so well!


Disable RichText, increase the height, Enable RichText, set the height to TextBounds.Y

Although this looks very confusing to understand at first, this is a very welcome feature to the game! Thank you, Roblox! :grin:


I waited for too long for roblox to increase the text max size cap
I really hope its intended behaviour and they dont change it :slightly_frowning_face:


This is what I’ve been waiting for, thank you!

Would appreciate some way to show the priority for a specific format over others, specifically in the colour sense for example:

<font color= "rgb(0, 0, 0)"> <font color= "rgb(240, 40, 10)">Colored text </font> </font>

Will set the text to red, however the ability to add a priority integer somewhere in there to instead cooler the text white would be appreciate

Priority works depending on the closest enclosing tag for the text.

<font color="rgb(255,255,255)">
<font color="rgb(255,0,0)" size="10"><font size="16">foo</font></font>

This would create Testing foo bar where foo is red with size 16, not 10
I don’t think a priority attribute is necessary for tags, if you want to not apply a specific item to a piece of text, you should not enclose it with tags

I admit my use case is very specific (Making commented code override all other syntax highlighting) however an optional int to set the priority would still be appreciated, especially since its optional so shouldn’t inconvenience any other use cases.

This takes place for my favourite update, but will we be able to change the Text Font in the future?

Thanks for the feedback~ We are looking into this issue now. I will add it to the tracking list.

Is Roblox Studio gonna test the new custom font import?

Finally got to play around with the feature today. Took me a couple hours mostly debugging but got syntax highlighting working pretty well.

Though when I add too much text it just gives up…

Not sure if this is an implementation limitation or something going wrong with my code. Either way, pretty nifty.

Still is probably more efficient to split each line into a separate TextLabel; the 200k character property limit, apparent limit to rich text rendering, and the fact that spaces and tabs still don’t render well on multi-line text make this more of a headache than it should be.


Completely agree.

I understand there’s the issue of Copyrighted Material but that’s ROBLOX in general.

If they’re able to monitor: Clothing, Groups, Audio, Images, Places and now videos surely custom font won’t be an overload.

Especially if I can have my account terminated for a Pokémon game created in 2007. That’s all tho.


Text still functions without RichText and it can be disabled if needed :slight_smile:

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