RichText [TextScaled Support Added]

You need the full <b></b> to make a word bold. It’s the typewriter effect you are using, so it’ll be <b>Hello but it can’t be bold yet because of what I said above.

TextScaled is currently not supported as mentioned in the original post. They are actively working on adding support for it.

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For those who are interested in when this will get initial released (which means it will be effective in prod games), we plan to do the initial release in a week or two according to the current release schedule.

You can still report bugs and tracking our working progress on bug-fixing and related features as well as reporting bugs here in this post.
Thanks for your guys’ patience and support for us.


Could you make TextScaled support for this feature too? It would be nice!

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Yeah, hopefully soon. Only reason I haven’t used it yet was because of the lack of TextScaled support.


Hi developers, we are about to release this features on prod a day or two and we really appreciate your patience on this. For a better releasing experience, we sincerely hope you can follow the following rules:

Avoid using it on user input if you can. Theoretically you should never allow users to freely type in richtext content and display it straightforward in front of other users without filtering the contents of string. You don’t want people freely spam huge size text or a sentence that is extremely colorful in your cool customized chat too. Violation of this might result in your game get moderated and/or the release getting rolled back.

We ship features with great trust in the community and self-discipline of developers. Don’t let misbehavior lead to the loss of important improvement in the developer experience. Thanks.


So this means that it’s live and can be used in games now?

No, if it was live the [Beta] in the name wouldn’t be here.

RichText Scaling in the future?

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Can you implement a way to have TextScaled on RichText, or is there a way to make sure its scaled on all devices already?


We are actively looking into this now. I will bump the priority for that.


Also another thing, say when making a typewriting effect and subbing each letter in a loop, the TextLabel or GUI element in question displaying the text will bug out until the enclosing tag is there, it bugs out again and then adds the effect.
This isn’t too high of a priority of course but sometime in the future could you possibly implement a way to have tags invisible or something in the raw text field so it looks smoother?

Request adding a <font transparency> tag.
It might be useful in some animation cases (but not only).

I am really happy that it is finally (3 months, not that bad) released to Live.

Good job! :slight_smile:


The solution to that all depends on your method of the typewriter effect. Its on you to make your function that can handle and ignore the font tags in the text writer string effect and correct for the missing end tags. However, I’m pretty sure this has already been solved by someone else.


There’s nothing wrong other than the tags themselves glitching out as they’re typed in.

This is intentional behavior.
When the tags close, the setting gets set to the text in between the tags.
RichText gets confused when you don’t specify what you want it to do.
So this is why the “glitching” happens.
If you want to make a typewriting effect, you’d have to type in the tags immediately, and correct for the missing closing tags at the end while the typewriting effect is ongoing.

This could really break most features that consists with RichText. < or > would be hidden even when you’re not even trying to type tags.
I might not have understood your question fully, but I also think you mean the Text field, Text property in TextInstances, and/or hide RichText tags while RichText property is disabled, which is bad because it would probably break some things that uses “tags” in raw text.

I proposed a property to ignore missing closing tags a few months ago, it didn’t seem crucial, since we can solve missing closing tags in scripts.

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I get that I was hoping for a workaround.

And yes this is possible but there should be a pre-implemented easier way in the future.


We have a typewritier effect on our road map, hope to get to this early next year.


Typewriter effect is on our road map, so we offer a method that is easier to do (and performant, works properly with text filter, etc.)


HELL YEAH! I was making an HTML web engine for fun and this will help a lot! Also for other purposes, of course. Last night, I integrated this into my autocorrect system, to highlight mistakes in a chat message.