RichText [TextScaled Support Added]

Can we get RichText support for bubble chat? I’m developing a rich text system and this would help tons.


does the TextFits property work in richtext? i tried it with some code but it behaves incorrectly for me, but im not sure because it can be my code’s problem

You can do it easily for yourself, just start the game and under the chat service on explorer there are a lot of scripts, copy them stop the game paste them to somewhere and then explore it you will find some function that makes bubblechat’s eventually, then you can set the richtext property there to true.

The source-code is in CoreScripts, and not accessible to the general public.

The code is available, just do what i say and youll get the scripts.

Also, you can put these scripts back to the explorer when you complete editing them and it will run edited ones instead of default scripts.


Due to the request on one of my replies, I have opened a new thread in Community Resources with a way to scale UI elements properly, which includes RichText TextLabels as well.

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Upcoming updates that is scheduled next week:
Hi developers, thanks for your feedbacks shared within this thread. We have been updating our algorithms used for rich text and will release some improvement as well as TextScaled support approximately next week. Along with this update, we will also fix several issues including wrapping against spaces, respecting the linebreaks at the beginning of the string, etc. (* Note that this would be the last release this year so any extra features that are requested will be taken care of but would get shipped around the beginning of next year.)
Again, thanks for your patience and it is so nice to see the features getting improved with all of you guys involved.


I wonder if 2 tags will be allowed to merge together, something like this:

SampleText = "<b>This <i>sample</b> text</i>"

It’ll show this: This sample text

I find it hard to script to detect whenever 2 tags are merged, and also it would be much easier to design.

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Support for TextScaled and GetTextSize would be awesome features right about now!

We completed the work on this, waiting for all platforms to update to the version that we need to release the feature.


SampleText updated = "<b>This <i>sample</i></b> <i>text</i>"

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The LineHeight property doesn’t work unless a text box has rich text enabled, but rich text is disabled while the text box is being edited. For my use, this isn’t ideal…

I’d like to have LineHeight take effect regardless. Is there any chance we can get line height to work regardless of whether or not a rich text box is being edited?


Hello, today when i used textscaled on a richtext enabled textlabel it used the size that was calculated by textscaled one, is it me or did you guys add the textscaled support?

Hi, we just turned on the textscaled support for this feature. Feel free to try it out and report any bugs you encounter in this post. Thanks~


Text Transparency? :o: I would like you to add text transparency to rich text for multiple guis!

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Really neat feature!
Would love to see these added:

  • Some kind of scaled size tag (e.g. <font scale=".5">This would be half the text object’s font size</font>).
  • An image tag with adjustable aspect ratio (e.g. <image AspectRatio=“1”>rbxassetid://13516625</image>) (Could scale via the Y axis and use the passed aspect ratio to determine the width.)

Finally, the long awaited TextScaled support is added. I cannot express how much I’ve wanted this for my UI commissions. This will really make my job easier, thank you!!

Having a bug that it doesn’t work on two textlabels but on another eight in my game, code seems fine it’s just TextLabel.Text = "<s>" .. "text" .. "</s>"?

Not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior, but is RichText not supported for TextBox.PlaceholderText?

For me, it’s not formatting no matter what I do, but it performs correctly when text is filled in. Checked with multiple places and still the same