Rig design for my sword

Basically I have a sword and its sheathe, I would like the sword to be resting in the sheathe when not in use and then in the hand when in use, but how would I even order that?

Would I need to have a joint that connects the sword to the sheathe, then a joint that connects the sheathe to the torso? But then I would also need a joint that connects the sword to the right arm when the player unsheathes. Idk if you see the problem yet but I would have to switch joints mid animation. Maybe I am overthinking things but that is why I am here. I just need someone to clear things up for me and maybe tell me how they went about with this.

EDIT: Here is a picture of what I am currently thinking of doing. (Excuse my poor illustration lol)

I figured it out. Had one of my friends help me. I was just overthinking things.