Right Tutorial to Save players Inventory with DataStore?

Is there a good tutorial that is trusted that I can save players Inventory with DataStore? Let me know if you have a link or idea.



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If you haven’t already, try checking YouTube or Google if you can. I found a helpful @Alvin_Blox video: Roblox DataStore Tutorial - Data Stores & Saving Data - Scripting Tutorial - YouTube

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Roblox has also written a decent guide for this as well: Data Stores

If this game is planned to become a big game, use ProfileService. ProfileService is a custom module the maker of Mad City made, and is now used in handfuls of big games. I can teach you how to use profile service, since tutorials aren’t enough, and I am planning on making a community tutorial for this because all these other tutorials on YouTube don’t cut it and are super wrong.

But to save their inventory, do this:

local data = {}
data.Inventory = {}

for i, v in pairs(player.Inventory:GetChildren()) do
      data.Inventory[v.Name] = {possible table of values or use table.insert}

Also, great thinking with making a dev forum about this. These days, people make wrong tutorials and fool thousands. TDK, HowToRoblox, and many other people do mistakes in their tutorials too.

What about DataStore2? I found a tutorial, and I am wondering if it is good. Here is the link, and he starts to talk about saving with tables @ 24:45

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data store 2 is kind of outdated but profile service just has more options I think