Rip and Tear - Update Log

Announcements [23 May]

  • Updated the game to show mega update part 2 development progress

Update Logs

Christmas Update
  • Christmas version of the map
  • Christmas version of enemies
  • Revamped freddy’s gate room
  • Replaced trees to be less laggy
  • Pickable FAL in freddy’s gate room
  • Secret gun
  • 2 New secret bosses
  • Achievements?
  • Fixed Cycle button in vip panel not working
  • Fixed RPK not being given to beta version supporters
Small Patch Update (5-12 December)
  • Changed snow particle
  • Revamped Private server Area map
  • Ragdolls now smoothly dissapear over time
  • Small quest for a gun (public server only)
  • Fixed footstep sound still playing after NPC death
  • Multi kills (explosives, etc) should work properly now
Blackout Update
  • Removed christmas decorations
  • Fully remade blackout event
  • Renamed Neko to maid
  • Changed Maid appearance
  • Remade protogen
  • Replaced MP5K and UMP45 to AUG A3
  • Optimized gates
  • Some GUI changes
  • Added 3 new areas
  • Stronger version of protogen
  • You can now spawn multiple enemies on multiple players
  • Made VipServer whitelist button actually make sense
Balance Changes
  • Changed Cat’s walkspeed (15>14)
  • Changed Furry’s walkspeed (15>16), health (150>100)
  • Changed Fox’s walkspeed (20>19), health (50>75)
  • Changed Latex’s health (150>450)
  • Changed Maid’s walkspeed (10>12), health (7500>8500), spawntime (350>200 seconds)
  • Changed Protogen’s health (3500>2500)
  • Fixed day cycle not working
Minor update
  • Added a new unfair boss for those people who didn’t find researcher hard enough
  • Remastered dream place and dream boss
  • DJ is on break
  • Removed FatalError
A little update before a big one
  • Changed DJ Animation
  • Specified generators state
  • Changed stats gui

*Removed cameras while loading

Mega Update
Part 1
  • Clouds if they’re even visible ingame
  • Shooting range + badge for completing a tier
  • 2 Secret rooms
  • 3 easter eggs
  • Added 3 badges:
    The Dreamer - completed the dream boss
    The Challenge - succesfully completed the tier
    Saved Up - Got hunter to the safe place
  • Reworked datastore script to work better and faster
  • Made “m” button show actual ammo amount
  • A little bit changed dream boss
  • Reworked NPCs (Furries) animation/script and damage method
  • Temporarily removed boss2
  • Nerfed Storage gate quest
  • DJ now can take breaks (awesome)
  • Fixed gun scopes not working properly (not tweening)
  • Fixed dream/storage gate’s weld being broken
  • Fixed DJ Songs being copyrighted
  • And some other things i possible forgot
Part 2
  • Added new blackout enemy: Faker
  • Added Kill Feed
  • Added ragdoll toggle option (enemy only)
  • Added skip button to loading screen
  • Added a new quest
  • Added gun award to “Saved up” (2125123410) badge
  • Added shield health to protogen,protogenG (Shield reduces gun damage by /2.5)
  • Added boss health bar to lost researcher/fatal error
  • Added 1.5 checkpoint to dream place
  • Added death screen to dream place
  • Added a go back button in shooting range
  • Added paws to latex
  • Added warning message to loading screen
  • Added Respawn/Refresh/Clear Tools/Test Filter/Give (Remove) Panel button to vip panel
  • Added Button in vip panel to check blacklisted users or panel owners
  • Added vip panel commands log (in developer console)
  • Added new and old ammo box to vip panel “tools” section
  • Added blackout music
  • Vents? among us.
  • Automatic season events (october/december stuff)
  • Notification system for private server owners to know if their button (function) worked or not
  • Brought back titles
  • Shooting range killfeed, example: “Killed EasyDummy (+1 point)”
  • Added 6 badges:
    Handy - Obtained by beating “Lost Researcher” without using a gun
    Santa - Obtained by collecting 100 Gifts during christmas event
    Lifespan - Obtained by reaching 100,000 Seconds
    The Abyss
    Last Resort
  • Changed blackout intro
  • Buffed shooting range triumph points (60>80)
  • A little bit changed settings gui
  • Reverted stats gui
  • Made fps gui more accurate
  • Changed protogen appearance
  • Changed wrench location
  • Enemies cant teleport through vans anymore
  • Revamped dj room because of AWESOME roblox update
  • Randomized remote gate answer
  • Revamped npc walk animation
  • Ability to change custom enemy stats seperately (changing damage first then health)
  • Changed shooting range guns placement
  • Reworked fountain room
  • Disabled collision to roof barrier (bodies about to go up to sky lol!!!)
  • Revamped loading screen
  • Redesigned hunter
  • Made pickable guns/tools hitbox visible (highlight)
  • Revamped researcher room
  • Reworked remote model
  • Reworked vip area again xddddddddddd
  • Reworked researcher boss to have the same scenario as the previous one
  • Generators now show minutes and seconds left (for example: 5:32, 0:51)
  • Blackout now works on vip servers (doesn’t award the badge tho)
  • Changed blackout badge requirement (now you have to be one of those people who activated the generator(s) instead of just being there)
  • Changed ammo box mesh/texture
  • Nerfed ammo box value (2000 > 750)
  • Not answering correctly on remote buttons damages you now
  • Improved fling function
  • Made vip panel keybind customisable
  • Turned on healthDisplay on lostmaid
  • Buffed maid’s damage (25>35)
  • Buffed protogenG damage (15>25)
  • Made dropped ammo box dissapear after 10 minutes to prevent lag abuse
  • Buffed M40A5 (limbs damage 75;99 > 250;500, torso damage 350;500 > 500;750, head damage 750;5000 > 1000;5000)
  • Reduced (nerfed) lost maid disappear time (20>10)
  • Nerfed protogenG (walkspeed 16>14, health 6500>3500)
  • Revamped vip panel’s spawn option
    Splitted enemies to categories (main,blackout,misc)
    Now shows enemies stats and image
  • Updated dream place engine
  • Buffed “the little friend” explosion damage (40,60 > 600,900)
  • Updated most guns/tools icon
  • Revamped fatal error animations
  • Lowered Enemy footsteps volume from 5 to 2.5
  • Nerfed M870/M900 distance (10k > 75)
  • Made day cycle a little bit faster
  • Enabled voice chat
  • Fixed white/blacklist not working
  • Fixed music volume settings
  • Fixed closed gates position
  • Fixed some engine errors
  • Fixed gun duplicating bug
  • Fixed some silent/false errors
  • Removed music id option due to audio update
  • Removed “stamina” bar
  • Removed clouds rip bozo
  • Removed report button from settings
April Fools Update
  • Changed every enemy to be unfunny
  • A little bit changed the map
  • Changed gun textures and colors
  • Added a COOL shop where you can buy guns and social credit
  • Fixed
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