Rip and Tear - Update Log

Update Logs

Christmas Update Log
  • Christmas version of the map
  • Christmas version of enemies
  • Revamped freddy’s gate room
  • Replaced trees to be less laggy
  • Pickable FAL in freddy’s gate room
  • Secret gun
  • 2 New secret bosses
  • Achievements?
  • Fixed Cycle button in vip panel not working
  • Fixed RPK not being given to beta version supporters
Small Patch Update (5-12 December)
  • Changed snow particle
  • Revamped Private server Area map
  • Ragdolls now smoothly dissapear over time
  • Small quest for a gun (public server only)
  • Fixed footstep sound still playing after NPC death
  • Multi kills (explosives, etc) should work properly now
Blackout Update (Version 4.1.1)
  • Removed christmas decorations
  • Fully remade blackout event
  • Renamed Neko to maid
  • Changed Maid appearance
  • Remade protogen
  • Replaced MP5K and UMP45 to AUG A3
  • Optimized gates
  • Some GUI changes
  • Added 3 new areas
  • Stronger version of protogen
  • You can now spawn multiple enemies on multiple players
  • Made VipServer whitelist button actually make sense
Balance Changes
  • Changed Cat’s walkspeed (15>14)
  • Changed Furry’s walkspeed (15>16), health (150>100)
  • Changed Fox’s walkspeed (20>19), health (50>75)
  • Changed Latex’s health (150>450)
  • Changed Maid’s walkspeed (10>12), health (7500>8500), spawntime (350>200 seconds)
  • Changed Protogen’s health (3500>2500)
  • Fixed day cycle not working
Minor update
  • Added a new unfair boss for those people who didn’t find researcher hard enough
  • Remastered dream place and dream boss
  • DJ is on break
  • Removed FatalError
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