(Risky Ropes) Looking for programmer to temporarily take over a project


Hello there, my name is Boogle and I created a game called Risky Ropes, currently I have been swamped with school work and other things to do. So because of this I am looking for a fairly advanced scripted willing to take over my project while I am gone. This could be up to a few weeks.

There is a fairly large community of nearly 1,000 people in our Discord, so you will have a bit of advice from long term players and staff as well as me.

The game has around 1.6 million visits and averages players, the game gets more players whenever new maps are published.

It would be helpful for you to play the game and see the quality of everything to try and see if you’re capable of that, there probably won’t be a whole lot to do as the game is already well finished.


Some of the things you will have to do:

  • Fix bugs
  • Import maps and new items
  • Game suggestions I approve
  • Familiarize yourself with the programming
  • Capable of brainstorming your own ideas (With my approval)


You will be well compensated for your work, I am willing to negotiate what works best for you.


Please contact me on Discord : Boogle#4509 and message me here with your Discord tag so I know you are applying for this, I have a large amount of friend requests so if you want me to notice please do so.

If I do not accept your friend request,
join the Discord through the social links and ping me there.


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