Risyv's Portfolio

Hi there! My name is risyv, I’ve been on this platform for about 7-8 years now, and have just recently decided to take my graphical skills into the professional developing field. I have always taken an interest to developing assets on this platform so I have knowledge about variety of different skills, for example scripting, creating meshes and much more.
I also own a clothing group which you can check out here: TRAP SANZOKU リもス - Roblox
And I am also working with Evocative Studio’s with a friend which you can check out here:
Evocative Studio - Roblox


This is was one of my first personal UI work, as you can see I have alot to work on :laughing:

Buttons are garbage, I known :sob:, also the renders used aren’t mine I found them online to practice my ui, credits to the owners!


**I have not started to take commisions yet, and untill then this will be left empty. :confused: **

A little side-note as to why I have not taken commisions yet, I believe I have more room for improvements before I am able to carry out designs as favourable to the request therefore I appreciate every positive and negative criticism as it will help me to learn more. So don’t hold back! :laughing:


Discord: maz#5311
Roblox: risyv

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Wait, so exactly how much payment do you expect people to give for your designs/renders?

I believe he mentioned that the ‘Payment’ section will be left empty, until he decides to accept commissions.

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I haven’t started taking commisions yet so there is no kind of payment, but once I have I’ll update the payment as soon as possible!

Updated my portfolio with 2 new renders!