Riverdale: Update Log

Today, on 08/14/2021 is our game’s 3rd birthday!

(if you notice this posted early, its just so we can test everything.)

As a thank you for playing and sticking with us for 3 long years, here is your present! An all new map, with new and better systems! More info below, but first up some important info:

Q: How do I get tools/props? Why are there less?

Since there are so many tools available to have, we can’t fit them all into your inventory! Some tools are available at different locations. Currently, the places to choose new props are:

Pop’s Diner Seats

US army and navy store checkout

La Bonne Nuit Bar Seats

Whyte Wyrm Bar

Riverdale High Lockers

Electronics Riverdale

Click the checkout/service counter in any of these locations for the popup!

Q: Where are the 3D dresses and tied flannel waist thing?

The dress shop is now open for free use, refunds will not be issued. The dress shop is in the Riverdale northside town area and has been redone to be a proper roleplay location.

The map, (click on the icon on the right side of the screen to open) has a key to know where 3D clothing items are!

Q: How do I spawn cars?

Find any parking lot (hospital, southside motor, motel, pop’s, etc…) and you’ll be able to click it to bring up the spawn menu.

Q: Where is EVERYTHING now?

If you’re lost, click the ‘location’ icon on the left of your screen. This will bring up a map, here you can see the general areas and buildings. The map is bigger now so cars are recommended!

Q: Where the heck is the pigeon sanctuary?

While it was removed for a long time, the pigeon sanctuary has made it’s return! (Now as the Temple of Pigeonopolis) I can’t tell you the exact location but….

CLUE #1 Your entry ticket may be heard through radio broadcast. On occasion, the men will speak and tell you the four.

CLUE #2 This one is not so difficult. The sanctuary lies solitary, where few humans go. She lies nearest to the depth of the canal, but out of water.

Now to the exciting stuff! Here’s all the things that have been updated:

New/Revived Locations

We have some locations redone from previous map versions, some entirely new, both from the show and made up to fill in gaps

Andrews Construction Office

  • Bijou (Cinema)

  • Blue Velvet Video

  • Pigeon Sanctuary-

  • Playground

  • Record Store

  • Ruined building

  • Radio tower

  • Riverdale Register

  • Roving Eye Dance Club

  • Stonewall Prep

  • Southside Clothing Botique

  • Shadow lake Gas station

  • SoDale construction+ Andrew’s construction

  • Shady Palm Motel

  • Train Stations + Full trainline

  • Town Hall

  • The Boat

  • Thornhill (Ruins)-

  • The Law Offices of Paul Sowerberry. Esq (Lawyer office

  • U.S. Army & Navy (military disposal store)

  • Working Day Clothing

Remade Locations

Lots of our current buildings and features have had a glow-up, including

  • Andrews Community Centre

  • Police Station

  • Pop’s Diner

  • Pembrooke

  • Five Seasons

  • Riverdale formal wear Store

  • Town Hall

  • Riverdale Register

  • Pickens park (Center)

  • Cemetery

  • Riverdale High

  • Sunnyside Trailer Park

  • Swimming hole

  • Blossom Maple Farms and barns-

  • Lodge Lodge

General Feature additions and fixes
  • Ambient sounds

  • Music loops added back to Pops, La Bonne Nuit, The Whyte Wyrm.

  • Sprint for mobile - Bottom right corner.

Cars and Car Controls

We’ve implemented a much improved car system for mobile and PC users that should allow smoother and easier driving.

  • Re-do of most car models, and a few new ones! More are scheduled to be built.

Other car features now added:

  • Full animation

  • Headlights (night activated)

  • Sound effects

  • Flip car

  • Car Radio (can be accessed out of cars)

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