[RMCU] | Group Description and Rules


The Roblox Marvel Cinematic Universe is a group that was founded in 2015 by QuentinLarryLance. This group was given to lSteveRogersl in 2016 and since then has grown nearly 2100 members.

Group Description

The RMCU is a blend of MCU, Fox, Netflix, Sony, and Comic universe, all working together to make up our own universe, where we do our own plot-lines and character development. We operate on the principle of making a fun, safe community so that everyone can roleplay and enjoy the community.


  1. Treat everyone with respect, especially admins.
  2. No spamming.
  3. No advertising other groups outside of advertisements
  4. No NSFW content. Depending on severity, it will result in an instant ban.
  5. Keep cursing to a PG level (if you’re not sure what this means ask an admin.)
  6. Your Discord Nickname must match your character. If you are an Awaiting Placement, your nickname must be your Roblox Username. Must be in English
  7. No racism is allowed, this includes jokes, memes, slurs, etc.
  8. No suicide references, jokes, memes, or threats. It isn’t a laughing matter.
  9. No carrying on arguments from other groups, personal experience, etc.
  10. No unnecessary (serving no purpose other than annoying) pinging. This includes Ghost Pinging.
  11. No disrespecting the dead. This includes Stan Lee, Chadwick Boseman, etc.
  12. No “Mini-modding” (trying to enforce rules/restrictions without being an actual admin.) If you notice something that you want to report, DM a Discord Moderator.
  13. No Inappropriate References. (Remember, PG)
  14. No Bypassing

RP Rules (These rules only apply during RPs)

  1. No nuking before, during, or after RP.
  2. No abusing admin during RP.
  3. If you go offtopic during a RP, then you must put () around it.
  4. Do not :explode anyone else (including tping to someone and doing it.)
  5. Do not use anyone else’s tools or accessories during a RP.
  6. You must follow the plot during plotted RPs.
  7. Do not use the :m or :sm command for communicating with one person. (use :pm)
  8. Do not use vehicles (Quinjet, Fantasticar, etc) to kill anyone else.
  9. You must name yourself with the :name command during the RP.
  10. Only the Host of the RP can play music (including with the Radio tool.)

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