RMS Edsart | Brand new project by Dec_TheDev, Official_DevFrancais and CR_Development

Hi everyone, We recently launched a project with @Dec_TheDev and @CR_Development.
The name of this project is RMS Edsart. This is a Sinking Ship Game. RMS Edsart is a ship (Not real) Who sink in the Atlantic Ocean the 14 July 1915. We are actually working hard on it with
CR_Development: Background Builder/modeler/GFX
Dec_TheDev: Builder/modeler
Official_DevFrancais: Scripter/Builder/Modeler

CR_Development is actually working on the lifeboats with Dec_TheDev.

I’m actually working on the Hull modeling (Red and black points will be modeling points).

If you have any questions, feedbacks, or motivation texts for Me, Dec or CR, or you just want to be in Beta Program, Contact me at Official_DevFrancais#6655.

See you soon for more content :wink: