Ro-Quatica: Happpy Holidays 2020

Ro-Quatica Guest & Team,

This year has been quite an interesting one. From the very beginning of the year with the COVID-19 Pandemic and the killer-bees and many other occurrences this year. Congratulations, you have made it to the final level of ‘jumanji’, level twelve (12).

There is nothing more important that contributes to our parks and team other than the safety of everybody and being healthy. We glad to see that everyone has stayed safe and healthy this year especially with the closure of our park. However, keep in mind that come to the end of January, early February, our park will be re-opening and during the month of January, we will be looking to fill some spots in our both our Leadership Teams, Corporate Teams and of course… our team-members!

Until we see you again… I would like to take this time to wish you each a very happy, safe and healthy Holidays! Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza and finally, Happy New Year!


  • New Park Design (2021)
  • New Leadership Team (Hiring begins January 15th, 2021).
  • New Corporate Design (2021)
  • New Uniforms (2020)
  • New Auditorium (2021)

Until we get to see you again… Happy Holidays!

Park President

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