Robi's nextbots | Update Log

Update Log

Update 1.1 (Reality Update)
  • robi’s nextbots is officially VR-supported!

So we added good ol’ backrooms. And yes, in order to go there, you’re gonna need to find an elevator that has a ProximityPrompt lol.

  • Bots got a little adjustments
Update 1.0 (MAJOR UPDATE)
  • Bug fixes
  • Lighting Adjustments
  • Added spookehead
  • Added “a certain cup”
  • Added 1 safezone… (Bathrooms)
  • Run Button for people on Mobile. (sorry bout that)
Update 0.2
  • still friends only
  • Bug fixes
  • Lighting fix (Compatibility to Future)
  • Added wowowin
  • Added saul
  • removed doors cuz i hate them
Update 0.1
  • Released for testing (Friends only)
  • Bug fixes
  • Added Mark
  • Added Cardo

This game will be updated and will be focused in the future. lol

Play robi’s nextbots here!