Roblochristophergh´s (Aka:chris_robloxyz) UGC Portfolio

Hi Guys! I´m Chris and I Started Modelling In Blender In The Begining Of 2021, Since This Time, I´m Trying To Get Into UGC. I Can Say I´m Almost Getting Professional At Modelling But I´m Still Creating My Own Techniques To Make My Models Even Better! I Hope Someday I Can Join UGC<3

Here is my UGC Concept Showcase Map(you can see all my work here) : UGC BB - Roblox

Here Are Screenshots Of All My UGC Concepts:

1:Pizza Bucket Hat / Observation: This Is My First UGC Concept, I Promise It Gets Better Lol!

2:White Alien Bucket Hat

3:Cutie Shoulder Panda

4:Positi-Tea Hat / This IS Horrible LOL Srry!

5:Cute Shoulder Mug With Chocolate and Marshmellows / Credits To @symtrey on Twitter For The Idea!

6:Black Alien Bucket Hat

7:Mixture Deliquent Cap / Credits To @Symtrey on Twitter for the Idea!

8:Lord´s Carrot

9:Roblox Key / My Second Favorite Concept That I Made!

10:Cute Trash Can Pet / My Third Favorite Concept That I Made!


12:Potato Bag

13:Tomato Bag

14:Happy Egg / One Of The Two Concepts That I Hate That I Made.

15:Smiley Indie Trendy Hat / ew i hate this where was my mind:(

To be honest my life is mostly my computer so you can contact me everytime but just to remember my timezone is BRT(Brazillian time because I´m from Brazil!).

Prices are negotiable, I mostly like receiving Real Money or Robux. In case of UGC Collabs I mostly like receiving 40% of the Robux gotten from the Items! Also I mostly like receiving the Payment after my work is done, so no Early Payments please.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at:
Also if you for some reason prefer discord, my discord is vfxking#0001 add me!

Here you can see what things I´m interested in working:

-I Can Model For Games and Asset Packs.
-I Can Collab With Youtubers/Video Stars That Want Their Own UGC Item!
-I Can Collab WIth Another UGC Creators.
-I Can Model Wathever Thing You Want!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: