Roblox android is missing from the corp website

On the corp website, the link to the PlayStore is not working.

Edit# The picture to PlayStore goes to a page called “NotYet”

Replace it with the working link plox?

Some of the links at the bottom are broke as well:
[li]The Facebook link is currently “”, it should be “”[/li]
[li]The LinkedIn link is currently “”, it should be “”[/li]

These links are problematic on all the ROBLOX corporation pages.

On the Android page, the link on the word “here” (“Click here for general ROBLOX logos and assets”) gives a 404 not found error.

Edit 2:
On the page:
Shouldn’t “The next generation of games is fueled by ROBLOX.” be “The next generation of games are fueled by ROBLOX.”

So yeah, it should be “are” and not “is” because games is plural.

Correct me if I’m wrong. :slight_smile:

Thanks Danny. I have submitted this for fixing.