Roblox Animation Plugin not working

I can’t save nor upload.

[spoiler]19:07:01.287 - Usage error: RegisterKeyframeSequence can only be used in Solo mode.
19:07:01.287 - Script ‘Plugin_144373835.Editor’, Line 1646 - global showExportAnim
19:07:01.288 - Script ‘Plugin_144373835.Editor’, Line 2496
19:07:01.289 - Stack End

19:08:12.143 - Plugin_144373835.Editor:2516: attempt to index global ‘menuUI’ (a nil value)
19:08:12.144 - Stack Begin
19:08:12.145 - Script ‘Plugin_144373835.Editor’, Line 2516 - field Function
19:08:12.146 - Script ‘Plugin_144373835.Editor’, Line 220 - upvalue mouseCallbackCheck
19:08:12.146 - Script ‘Plugin_144373835.Editor’, Line 232
19:08:12.147 - Stack End[/spoiler]

I’m not 100% sure if there anymore errors but yea, I saw a thread saying making animations is now free so I thought to give the plugin another try.

(Yes I have the plugin up to date)

Do you have the ‘Building Tools by F3X’ plugin active and installed? I found it causes issues with the animation editor and I know it’s caused that first error for me.

Yea, so should I just deactivate it?

Yeah, deactivate it and try the animation plugin again.