Roblox API For Checking If a Shirt is Owned by a Group

Goal: I want to make a bot that promotes users in a group based on how many shirts/pants they bought

Issue: I don’t know what API to use to check if a shirt/pants is owned by a group.

What I’ve tried: I’ve looked on the Developer Hub, Api Docs, and can’t find anything, I could just be blind

What I already have: I have discovered this API where you can find all of the shirts owned by the user. I can make the bot scan through every one to count how many are owned by a group, though.

What I need: I need the API for checking if a specific shirt/pants ID is owned by a group

Thanks for the help!

This has to be external API that returns JSON

Use this method and check if the Creator.CreatorType is equivalent to a group.

This needs to be an external API, I forgot to mention that. It would have to be something that returns JSON.

You could use this:
and check the ProductType.

I believe this is what MarketplaceService uses.

Alternatively, you could use: Catalog Api
(Though I’m not sure if this helps your use case)

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local item = 000000 -- id of the item
local MPS = game:GetService('MarketplaceService')

local Info = MPS:GetProductInfo(item)

if Info.CreatorType == 'Group' then
    print('Is owned by group')

Full API for GetProductInfo():

Thanks for the help! It worked!

I think you could use:

GET /assets/{id}/versions

to get a JSON table like this:

        "Id": 536133191,
        "AssetId": 226132918,
        "VersionNumber": 3,
        "RawContentId": 2619739106,
        "ParentAssetVersionId": 536132109,
        "CreatorType": 1,
        "CreatorTargetId": 80502178,
        "CreatingUniverseId": null,
        "Created": "2015-07-13T11:51:12.9073098-05:00",
        "Updated": "2015-07-13T11:51:12.9073098-05:00"

I believe you can then you can use the “CreatorType” and the “CreatorTargetId” properties to check if the asset was created by your group.