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Here’s my most recent render projects for an overseas client.
Blender 3.1 (Scene Creation)
Maya (Modelling)
Quixel Mixer (Textures)
Cinema4D R25 (Redshift) (Rendering)
Nuke 31.1 (Compositing and Colour Correction)

Note: This pipe line is far from complex. I’ll be posting an explanation and discussion on complex pipelines and how to manage them.

Scene Size: 1.45GB
Light Bounces: (23 in total, 7 Volume, 3 Transmission, 10 Diffuse, 3 Reflection/Refraction)
Render Times:
1920 x 720 @ 200 samples per 32px tile, 3 hours and 47 mins per frame.
Note: I attempted to upscale to 4k but uncompressed file sizes were getting ridiculous.

PC Specs (Not flex, just so people don’t bug me):
Note: I did not pay for all of this, This is provided to me by the company.

Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix TRX40-XE
CPU: AMD Threadripper 1950X
Ram: 128GB of 3000MHz T-Force Extreme
PSU: Corsair 1600 (idk the specs)
GPU: 2x Nvidia Quadro A6000 (48GB x 2)

Note: This PC does not accommodate my gaming hobby nor will it ever.


Roblox Character to show I made this.

Any feedback to make the renders more appealing is greatly appreciated.
Twitter: @DouglasMacloud
Most artwork made for Roblox will have a “DXE” Watermark


Wow that’s Roblox it can’t be it’s way to realistic this is amazing good job.

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That is SO COOL! I would rate it a 100/10.

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Also how much time did it take you to make that?

I don’t have an exact date from when I started but I could take a guess and say it was about 40 hours of continuous work.

Sheesh. It should have been tiresome.

No not really. I make sure that I take regular breaks and work sensible hours.