Roblox attributes question?

How would I make a parts color equel to a attributes colorSecuence value even if it has a gradient?

If you are asking how to make a part have a gradient color, that is not possible without use of:

  • Decal
  • SurfaceGui
  • Texture

no look at my topic how do I do that in a script

You can’t make a gradient part without the use of an image or SurfaceGui

I apologize but your topic is very hard to understand what you are asking for.

If you are asking how to convert a color to a ColorSequence

local startColor = part1.BrickColor.Color
local endColor = part2.BrickColor.Color
local startKeypoint =, startColor)
local endKeypoint =, endColor)
local colorSequence ={startKeypoint, endKeypoint})
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