Roblox automatically generates a ShiftToSprintScript, I don't want that

Hello everyone.

I am currently making an RPG, called “Project: Punch!” with a team of three guys. However, I am always running into a little thing which makes me mad. I’ve scripted my own variation of ShiftToSprintScript, changing the values from 10 to 20 when sprinting. However, this does not seem to work because Roblox keeps adding their variation of ShiftToSprint by changing the walk speed from 16 to 32 when sprinting and back to 16 when not.

I don’t want that, I want to use my own script and override the ShiftToSprintScript or make it, so it doesn’t automatically get added.

Any ideas?


You (or one of the other developers) may have a plugin that inserts this, as Roblox doesn’t have a shift to sprint implemented to their engine by default. And if that is the case, you may want to check it for any suspicious code. If there’s not a plugin, search the explorer for the shift script and remove it or modify it to your needs.

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Got it, it was a plugin. Thanks alot.

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