Roblox battle - reworked

Quick note to anyone wanting to do a livestream with this game: Don’t. It is probably better to play the actual Roblox Battle because this has no real extra features.

If anyone remembers, in 2013, there was a game called ROBLOX Battle, produced by the games team, and it was super innovative with its 3D menu. Unfortunately, it is somewhat old in security and features. So, I decided to rework a lot of the game to get it up to date.

Major features I put in:

  1. FilteringEnabled (any good Roblox developer uses it)
  2. ModuleScripts over 18 Server Scripts all with bindable objects
  3. HttpService JSON functions over RBXUtility
  4. DataStores over DataPersistence
  5. Removed any need for loadstring(), and disabled it
  6. ModuleScript storage of values over values in models
  7. Moved the MainScript to ServerStroage, and sorted the things in Lighting to ServerStorage or ReplicatedStorage. Hopefully less will need to replicate on join

Minor features I put in:

  1. A better way to test out new gamemodes
  2. Added to the taser, may add a gamemode for it
  3. Neon for the lobby
  4. More GUI stuff handled on the client

Things I took out (and did not replace):

  1. AdService stuff (looked weird how it was put in, need to rethink how to implement it)
    [strike]2. The Shard map (no free model that was not at Y=-2^32 that did not lose a lot of accuracy. :frowning: )
    [/strike] Edit: Something glitched, and I got the code behind it.
  2. All the non-basic armor (did not look for free models of them yet. Need to decide if I will :stuck_out_tongue: )

The big goal was to be able to add stuff to it (which is a lot easier now how it is set up), and not be exploitable (FilteringEnabled, loadstring disabled, etc), and to turn the 331 warnings to 0. This took me about 5 days to complete, and I will not be monetizing it and such until I add more stuff. I have a list of ideas I can put in, and will work on some of those features.
Another side note is the original game normally has 25-30 players on at any point, so it is not a dead game.

Place link:

Anyone have thoughts, suggestions, issues, or anything to say?

I have a tiny issue with it.
It’s closed to visitors.
Other then that, it looks like it’d be pretty fun to play.

I have been doing updates and such on it. It was open… :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess I can open it for a little while.

Time to post some new features:
-Game mode: Rocks vs. Bazookas
-Game mode: ImmobiliZers (Tasers only, and not the ones in the catalog)
-Game mode: Mad Farmers (Pitchforks only)
-Game mode: Rail wars (Railguns only)
-Haxed my way to getting the Shard map, and the locked linked source code that runs it
-New map: The Shard II
-Fixed the seats in the lobby not making players opt out of rounds
-Buying coins with Robux
-Haxed my way to get the old armor
-Global KO, WO, and coins leaderboards
-2x Coin Saturdays
-Twitter promotions