Roblox breaks my internet whenever i make a union more than 3 parts, Any clues as to how i can fix this

Ok so whenever i load onto one of my projects it works fine, but as soon as i do anything like a union or smthn with more than 3 parts in it, it says in the top right connection disconnected, shows the red symbol in the top right, stops ALL devices from using the internet and refuses to let me save the project.

I have no clue how to fix it and it is severely hindering my progress as whenever this happens i cant save so i lose all my progress made during the time it takes down my internet. I really like working on games on roblox and would be sad if i had to abandon them.

This is a very strange issue. If you disable team create, does it still happen? Does it allow you to save to a file (from the File menu)? If so, does it still happen if you load that file?

idk, imma check next time i am on it

seems to be a team create issue, it works fine solo

Same problem here.

I use a Mobile Hotspot as my primary source of internet and the connection is strong, but importing unions to other team create enabled games just completely kills my internet until I restart the hotspot. This is the only other instance where I’ve seen someone else have this problem. Have you found a fix for this issue?

the only way i have found to fix it is to not use team create but i am not happy that i cant work with my friend. i dont think there is a way to fix it, might be best to wait for roblox to pick it up and fix it. also sry i didnt respond sooner, i havent been on devforum for a while