Roblox Censoring normal words

I tried to post an announcement, but
that is supposed say “500k”, they are also censoring “tycoon” and any numbers in my guilded / group announcement


numbers and stuff normally get censored (I think it’s mainly for players under 13) as for “tycoon” uhhh… uhh… I dunno what to tell you…

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Sadly this is normal for Roblox’s tags system. I don’t think anything can really be done about this but other than that it’s mainly just Roblox’s fault.


Under 13 accounts can’t use devforum, he can

yeah but if he got members who are under 13, maybe that’s why it got censored? (I still feel like that would be client-sided behavior.)

Roblox censors numbers because they think you’re giving your phone number to someone.