Roblox China Protest UI

This was never about the race of the Chinese people. This non-compliancy protest is aimed at the
people who are residing in china. This had nothing to do with race until you brought it in which is pretty hypocritical. You claim this is blocking Asian minorities from enjoying the platform while a very very large amount of players are from Asia that is not necessarily China. This is not meant to stop things overnight but it is protesting that the platform is branching out to a regime that systematically prosecutes Muslims, abuses human rights and above all has one of the biggest censorship regimes in the world. I do not want Roblox to fall victim to the Chinese communist part and become so dependent they are forced to implement censorship regimes. Your example is people in ‘Germany/Mexico/France/South Africa’ being blocked from being able to play this however none of these countries are currently jailing thousands of innocent people because of their religion. The Roblox-china agreement has been my fear since 2018 and it has come true. Why do you want to support a regime that takes people old and young from their houses and from their parents to be forced to give up their religion, their livelihood? This UI is not propaganda but it is raising awareness that in the near future, Roblox will be very different. This is meant to send a message to Roblox that they do not want this to happen. They want to show developers are in unity to stop this deal with the regime


Please explain how the average Chinese internet user is

jailing thousands of innocent people because of their religion

and therefore they should not be allowed to play Roblox?

I don’t think you fully understand the issue. Roblox wants a new company in China called «Roblox China» this is also what Minecraft did to have it available in China by calling it «Minecraft China». It only involves Roblox sending games over and have the other company deal if it’s complaint or not. If yes, it appears on a game page and the terms and rights for that game changes over. The terms are what most devs disagree with, hence this post. It’s up to you to decide whether to comply or not, but there are worries about losing rights to their games.

This was never about racism, it’s a matter of politics. It’s perfectly understandable why some developers wouldn’t comply.

But I don’t think that the players would care about this pop-up, they wouldn’t know what it is about. Games should stay out of politics and dealt with elsewhere.

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Hey dude, I get it, Roblox China is super controversial. However I don’t think this is necessary. This is a bit of a overreach, especially since you are not doing the program.

I appreciate the boycotting of it, and I think this is okay. However Roblox is doing this to expand their business, and expand roblox developers marketing. I think if you don’t like it and you don’t support it, then ok. However, don’t ruin the experience for those that just want to try it out.

There is a reason why it is 18+ and that is because they are adults and they know what they are getting into. Everything is listed in the Roblox China criteria and TOS. There is always a risk, however I believe some people are willing to take it.

I applaud you for doing this,

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I already know it will be a completely different platform from roblox but wont the games that uploaded on the roblox USA platform will be able to play on chineese platform? And I think that will come over with problems for USA developers like localization stuff (sorry for bad grammar im from turkey)

This is not at all racist, and I am not discriminating against anyone by disagreeing with the problems with the Roblox China Program. I do not disagree with the Roblox China program because of race, I disagree with the Roblox China program because of the issues that are under Roblox’s complete control that Roblox has not yet fixed.

This is about the decision making of Roblox, not about the people who live in China. This UI is not restricting anyone from joining, again, this UI is meant for people who are already not opting in because of the issues present. Whether or not this UI exists, people are going to choose not to opt in. That does not make them racist. I have said this many times, the purpose of this UI is to voice disapproval. Nowhere have I said or implied that no game should opt in to the program, nowhere have I said that Roblox China should be completely thrown away. I do not want Roblox China to be thrown away, I want the issues with Roblox China to be fixed.

This whole thing is in part because of the potential negative experiences of people in China too. This is not because I think the people in China are bad or something. It’s not logical to conclude this is founded on racism when my entire goal is a peaceful show of disapproval for issues regarding Roblox China.

I think Roblox China could be great, but, currently, Roblox China has far too many issues for me to support. I am worried about its effects on the entire platform not just the environment within Roblox China itself.

The Roblox China Program is optional. You cannot say that people are racist because they don’t want to join the program. The program has many, many flaws, and racism is not the reason people wish to opt out of the program.

Again, I cannot stress this enough, this is not over race, and never should be, and this is not because “they should not be allowed to play Roblox.” This is in protest of the numerous issues with the Roblox China platform. This is about the potential effects this could have on the rest of the Roblox platform.

It would be racist if I were to disagree purely because I disliked people in China. I don’t dislike people in China, I dislike Roblox’s decisions for the Roblox China platform.

Thank you for the kind words, but, the China Program is completely optional. This UI has nothing to do with ruining the experience for others at all and does not intend to incite that, this UI is intended for people who are already intentionally not opting in due to the issues present with the program and want to show their disapproval for Roblox’s decisions regarding Roblox China.

The Roblox China announcement post says that games uploaded on the US platform will not be able to be played by players on the China platform because they must opt in, additionally developers of the US platform must be 18 or older to opt in. Most games on the US platform won’t make it to the China platform and most will not be eligible. Many will simply not opt in due to the issues currently present.


I regret my poor choice of wording. Thank you for clarifying!


@Hexcede thats so stupid at all I dont think Chineese platform of roblox will be succes because think just, it taken years to grow roblox platform for Roblox Corporation. And its not 2006 even the newest games on roblox has alot of issues coming with roblox will fail this and gonna merge the platforms one day and I cant be in the same platform with chineese because of their policies (as you know when you merge both platforms policies will be changed) like they dont even agree basic violance and blood!?!?! Racism or not, I refuse to be in the same platform with chineese

While I tend to agree with some of your reasoning, I do not agree with your mindset.

China is a valid games market, there is potential for success, but there are a lot of problems right now. This does not make the China Program inherently a failure, it makes the China Program flawed, and these flaws must be addressed before I will form a confident final opinion on the China Program.

Roblox China has issues with its ToS and ruleset, which has been established, and, its important that issues are considered by Roblox. That does not mean that the issues can’t be addressed.

Additionally, Roblox will not merge with Roblox China, because that would severely limit the platform as a whole. That would not be globalization, that would be localization. Roblox is not going to localize itself in China and become a Chinese corporation. Roblox’s goal is to expand its market as much as possible, and the China market is limited by the ruleset and ToS. Logically, putting their entire market under the same limitations would be taking a step backwards and I think Roblox as a corporation is completely aware of this.

Others have made the point that if Roblox China were to fail there would be an even bigger outlash, and its a valid reason.

Roblox China should still have a chance to fix its issues regardless of your speculations. The point of this UI, and my personal beliefs, are that Roblox China has problems at its core but they are problems that can be addressed, and they will need to be if Roblox wishes to get the support of a majority of their platform.

Until there is a failure to address the problems, there should be no reason for the Roblox China Program to be completely thrown out the window.

There should be no reason to give up on something before its even begun, and, that’s not what I have done or intend to do with this UI.


I forgot about the China thing. I’m fine with China people coming, but my game has some things that are “going against their laws” so I will use this as a warning for China players

Roblox China is opt in and you must be 18+ to apply for your game to go on Roblox China. You do not need to warn Roblox China players, because your game won’t be available to them unless you apply yourself. You should read the Roblox China Program announcement for more information, its linked at the bottom of my post.

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Oh, ok. Thanks for letting me know!

This model has the capability to load dynamic code on the server if the creator so desires to, by updating the model on the website with some payload:

This is absolutely egregious for a model like this because all it is meant to do is show a UI. Nobody should be adding this in their games, it’s a huge security risk. Please think about the security of your users when designing modules, this doesn’t need hot reloading, very dodgy.


:man_facepalming: You clearly missed the point.

Please read this again mate.

Well, you missed my point too.

If you are angry with the government, don’t take it out on the people.
Don’t take politics to a game that’s meant for fun and friendship.

Don’t punish players just because they originate from a country.
If you have something against a government, take it to twitter, don’t take it here on Roblox.

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That’s honestly sad, I think this is good because then we get newer community members from more parts of the world. And it also could expand some people’s player base.

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First of all, you make it sound like Roblox is the only game that they play when it isn’t.
Secondly, he isn’t saying to remove the programme completely so you missed that point as well.

I never said Roblox is the only game. What?

He doesn’t have the ability to remove a Roblox programme even if he wanted to.

I’m just saying it’s both a waste of time and not a nice thing to bring toxicity to Roblox. We should be happy that we are taking more members into our community, we are reaching a wider market. We shouldn’t be restricting them just because some people don’t like the government of a country.

Keep roblox a fun and loving place. Don’t spread hate. Keep politics out.

This is a valid concern, and, I understand why you have it. I will address it immediately and post an update in a few minutes. This came down to my general development style but I do see what you’re saying, I tend to dislike using static entries, but, you’re absolutely correct. I apologize, I have no intent to execute code haha.

While I find this to be kind of messy personally, I will convert the module’s functionality to an ObjectValue (to access the text content) and a BooleanValue for the disable switch, that way I am not requiring a module or inserting the model into a place where scripts will load. I will still leave the module there, since, its the intended API for accessing text content. Thanks.

If you’re wondering why, that’s explained in the topic. If I need to update the text content, I request it from the module which indicates the path to the text content. Additionally, its used for the global disable switch.

I never said you said that.


How is protesting about something that could have potential massive implications on Roblox a toxic thing? He is just trying to raise awareness.

It’s not about whether you like them or not. It’s about the highly unethical and immoral practices they do which is very concerning. It’s like Roblox working with North Korea for example. I’m pretty sure that would be quite concerning so why isn’t this?

EDIT: Sorry if this came across as point scoring. I’m going to give my stance on this. I understand what Roblox is trying to do in terms of accessing a big market that has high profitability. However, they have to be very cautious because they are dealing with a government that is currently doing serious HR violations and is known for their unethical practices (e.g. intellectual property theft). How they go about that is up to them but they just have to be careful.

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