ROBLOX Clouds are very glitchy?

So I have been trying to use clouds for my Game Jam project. I notice that they are very glitchy, and they look sort of like z-fighting parts.

Is there any way to fix this?

Okay, how are your clouds set up?

I have clouds in terrain, cover 0.6 and density 0.6

What lighting effects do you currently have enabled?

In other words, I’m asking a series of questions:

  • What are your lighting properties?

  • Do you have anything in the lighting service?
    –What is it?
    –What properties are there?

Is it possible that you can send a screenshot of the issue so we can better understand your issue?

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If you’re talking about the flickering on far away clouds, there isn’t a fix to that as its just an artifact of how they’re rendered.

But in general, the roblox clouds look like trash and I would honestly just stick to skyboxes or script my own cloud system.

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Thank you! I realized I am okay with it since it is night and you can’t see the clouds too well.

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