Roblox Combat System

I am currently developing a combat system,
The problem is I’m having a really hard time scripting and making ui’s
All i need is some tips om what to do next as I have no idea.
Because i can not find a single tutorial that can help me get further then where i am now.
So if you have any ideas on what to do next or a tutorial that can… Then feel free to leave a comment.

(With combat system i mean stuff like
Ui with controls (Items only)
Heavy attack
Normal attack
Run button.
And some type of stamina

Do you want to activate those things with buttons or when a key in the keyboard is pressed? (Or both)

It doesn’t really matter tbh
As it is not really supossed to be a mobile game…

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Ah it’s okay I can explain both,
Method 1. Buttons : Add an ImageButton or TextButton (You can choose between those) then in a local script do:

local button = [button here]
--Do the attacks by firing a remote or whatever you wanted to do

Method 1. Keys : In a local script put:

local UserInputService = game:GetService("UserInputService")
local key1 = Enum.KeyCode.Q --Whatever key you want
local key2 = Enum.KeyCode.E --Whatever key you want
--Add more keys if you want

UserInputService.InputBegan:Connect(function(keycode) --Detects when player presses a key
	if keycode == key1 then
		--Do the first attack by firing a remote or whatever you wanted to do
	elseif keycode == key2 then
		--Do the second attack by firing a remote or whatever you wanted to do

Hope this helps!

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This is going to contain a lot of if statements and rayscast (or magnitude) i think

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Thx, I’ll test it as soon as I can.

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