ROBLOX Consumables: Remastered (PROPS)


What is this?
This is a small collection of old ROBLOX gear models with upscaled textures and high poly geometry for you to use in your games.

They also have PBR and seperate parts to extend your imagination!

Please keep in mind that this isn’t full finished and updates will be present.

More packs coming soon!


Really love the way you mixed realism and low poly models together,cool stuff man


They look much better than the originals, could be mixed for LOD(level of detail) so those who can afford a better device can see them better, amazing work.

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They look great but this triggers me because it looks like molten gold instead of mustard :joy::joy:
Mustard is not shiny!!!


Looks really impressive, although the upscaled ice cream goblet looks worse in my opinion. The updated goblet has an obvious seam in the texture:

Whereas the original, it’s smooth through-out:

Other than that, looks good

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You can change the mustard material and color

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Yeah I’m looking forward into fixing that

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This one is the best.

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Dude. I needed this. Tysm.

btw, you forgot one… the turkey leg/chicken leg

This is cool! You definitely nailed these modern recreations. My only critiques are:

  • You didn’t include the red bubbles (?) on the potion, and this isn’t really a critique but I noticed that the cap is off. Is this just for the comparison image?

  • The icecream gear’s texture doesn’t mirror seamlessly. This is noticable in the comparison image.

  • I don’t think the glossy/shiny look is necessary for the mustard on the hotdog, as it’s supposed to be… well, mustard.

  • I’d soften the edges of the bottom crust of the alien sandwich, as it looks a bit too “bricky”.

  • The picture on the winter mug looks more like it has clouds than snowflakes, and the ornaments on the tree appear to be the same color.

Other than that, these are great! Good job.

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The bubbles weren’t included since it doesn’t look great when upscaled.

Sundae Best’s texture will be fixed in the next update.

Mustard is customizable, since it doesn’t have any texture, so it’s all up to you.

Edges of the bottom crust will be fixed in the next update.

About the winter mug, yeah I will try redrawing the texture since Gigapixel made it look weird.

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