Roblox Crash frequent after update

i know this isnt related to scripting support but i cant post in bug reports.
after the recent update ,
roblox studio keeps on crashing mostly when entering play test mode
and some times for no apparent reason.

i’m tired of this. i’ve had to open recovery for like the 40th time today. and im tired of redoing all my hardwork, tired of opening all my previous scripts and sometimes losing my 1 hour animation progress.

please say its not only happening to me.

First, why aren’t you auto-saving your work to your computer?
Go into your Studio settings and enable auto-saves, then make sure you know where the file folder is (or edit its location) that the auto-saves go to.

Second, have you tried uninstalling/installing Studio?
Sometimes there’s a minor glitch in your computer Studio file that causes this kind of thing, so reinstalling Studio might help.