[roblox criticial] links for places don't work anymore

All links from the Game Page, and from the Develop tab aren’t working.

Browser :

  • Chrome (Latest)
  • No Plugins

Update :

Can confirm on Firefox


Same on mine, EXCEPT I am apparently the only game on roblox constantly targeted by the latest server shutdown software. :confused:

Confirm on Chrome

It’s the opposite for me. First link goes through, second one errors. I’m on chrome on windows 8.1.

EDIT: Now they both error

You also can’t access your current game servers.

who is brave enough to try it on explorer?

Bug : The new refer future is currently on, causing missing data (or misplaced data) in the URL. This is the issue for the the games on the gamepage. See OP for the link that it is currently using.

The Develop page on the other hand doesn’t seems to use the new format, still it has been broken.

Confirm on Explorer and all major browsers.

I’ve sent a report through to the bug hotline. Guess this will test just how quick of a turn around we can expect.

Confirmable on the studio pages.

Also the actual “Games page” is pretty muddled up.

No links work apparently.
This link errors for me: http://www.roblox.com/games/241326664/ParticleEmitters-Test

Can’t open any game page :angry:

I can’t access any game at all, trying to navigate to its page throws an error no matter where I’m coming from.

May be unrelated, but the main games page is pretty screwed up in what it’s displaying.

To play a game go to the User’s account and play it from there.
To get to your own game’s page configure it (Don’t have to change stuff) and click “save”.

This was throwing errors too.

Not working at all Mr. Smarty pants


windows 7, google chrome, newest version, some plugins made by myself which have no effect on the *.roblox.com domain

I can get to Pizza Place for some reason, but not my places.