Roblox Default Chat Broken

Edit 2: Everything is fixed. It’s Tuesday, April 9th now and I haven’t had any relapses. LTC gave me a satisfactory answer to why it broke (won’t disclose the reason as I don’t have approval).

Edit: It is working now (2:50pm EST). I will investigate more.

I am on MacOS High Sierra version 10.13.6 (17G65). Starting about half an hour ago (2pm EST), I was unable to chat in game.

On pressing “/”, the chat does not activate; on clicking the input box, typing my message, and pressing enter, there is no chat bubble over my head, message in the chat GUI, or response from server (if I type the “/e dance” command, there is no response). This bug happens in many games such as Jailbreak that use the default Roblox chat. It happens 100% no matter how many server switches I try.

I reinstalled Roblox but the bug still persisted. From yesterday when the chat worked to today when it didn’t, there were no local Roblox updates (that I noticed).

A quick note is that, in many servers, the chat is dead. This is maybe because it is affecting a lot of people. Oddly enough, some people are still able to chat.

If you need computer specs (I highly doubt you do but here goes anyway):
6 Core 3.33GHz Xeon X5680
AMD Radeon Tahiti XT Protoype 3GB
32 GB 1033mhz DDR3

Thank you in advance for your hard work.

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