Roblox Developer Forums Moderation

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to continuously make topics and replies within Developer Forums (aka DevForum, for short) due to receiving PMs (Private Messages) by the @FeedbackTeam stating that I am breaking the official global rules while I am following all of them respectfully. Therefore, as an example: I commented in a user’s reply following all of the protocols, and rules, but either way, I received an automatic response for breaking the global rule 3, this automatic response does not match with the reality, because there weren’t any changes regarding the topic.

Another example, I got flagged for making a feedback topic within #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback to be interesting to the forum and of course, following the guidelines, and the protocol of the category, About the Creations Feedback category, however, unfortunately, I got reported unfairly for trying to help the team that developed the unique creation (me, and @Abcreator).

Lastly, as the forum is moderated by 4 third-party/outsourced employees that are not affiliated with the company, and also the responses are released by automatic replies, in my perspective, the @DevEngagementTeam should make other methods to oversee if there was really a breach of rules and protocols, to avoid unfair and untrue reports. In addition, it would be better for the general team to analyze the titles, descriptions, and replies.

You’re obviously not following them if you’re getting warnings for breaking the rules. I also moderate a different forum based on the Discourse engine and those aren’t automatic messages.

This is very far from the truth… All DevForum moderators are hired and paid by Roblox. Please don’t spread misinformation.

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You obviously aren’t following the guidelines, these aren’t roblox mods were talking about, these are forum mods.

That is perfectly fair. Even if you got permission from that team, why can’t they just do it? It’s not that hard.

When was this true? DId you even read the group description?

This group contains all staff members who currently work in the Developer Engagement team, which is a sub-team of the Developer Relations team.
The Developer Engagement team covers the following areas:

  • Developer Forum moderation
  • Developer community engagement
  • Highlighting developers and games on the platform

If these were third party mods, then they wouldn’t be doing 2/3 of these things.

Not true. The Developer Engagement Team are indeed hired by Roblox and are considered Roblox Employees.

Do you mind linked the unlisted topic please? I’d like to see for myself whether its a false flag or not.

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Sure, I will be inviting you to the private messages I received.

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