Roblox doesn't take 2048 x 2048 textures?


I use custom textures for a construction with SurfaceAppearance but the resolution on roblox when I upload the textures is very low. I do not know if it comes from my textures or if roblox does not accept 2048 x 2048.

On Blender:

On Roblox studio:

If someone could enlighten me I thank him in advance.

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Highest resolution that Roblox takes is 1024 x 1024


The resolution limit is currently capped at 1024x1024 there is no way you could actually upload a higher resolution the only solution is to slice the parts of the model with different textures modify the UV map and make 2 or 4 textures out of it

There’s no automatic way to do this either so you should take this in consideration when making your next meshes

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Thank you for your answer that’s what I thought, it’s a shame to be reduced to 1024

Update before after using multiple textures ! thx