Roblox Endorsed Gun Model Auto-Reload Help

Has anyone done heavy editing to the roblox endorsed gun model along the lines of implementing auto-reload when the last shot is fired?

I’ve edited the framework a lot to fit with my game, but I need help understanding the complex firing and reloading set-up, and furthermore, how I would get the gun to reload immediately after firing the last shot in the clip.

There are too many scripts to past in this post, so here is the model:

Gun Model (scripts and framework included if you aren't familiar with it)

Pistol - Roblox

I’ve certainly used the WeaponsKit in a game and all of the guns reloads automatically. Have you changed the scripts to disable this ability?

I haven’t disabled any reloading functionality. When the gun is empty, I am required to click again in order to begin reloading. The desired behavior is for it to reload the minute the weapon empties.

There are various different revisions of the WeaponsKit with updates as Roblox improved/update things.

With the Pistol.WeaponsSystem.Libraries.BaseWeapon script, look for the line

self.reloading = false

Try setting that to true and see if it auto reloads.