Roblox Enhanced Avatar Scaling Options



There are two new sliders now available for users to modify their avatar’s scale. These sliders adjust Body Type and Proportions, allowing users to tweak their avatar to slightly slimmer or slightly broader proportions. These new options can be found under Body > Scale on the web Avatar page. Support for these sliders will be available for mobile and XBox soon.

As a developer, if you don’t want players using the new options in your game, you can turn them off in the Game Configuration. Turning the Avatar Body Type Options to “Standard” will disable those options inside of your game.

Announcing Unlocked Avatar Scaling: Expanding the Roblox Universe

Oooh, they’re out for all!

Is there still plans to release any default packages to go with these new scaling options?


Awesome stuff. I like where R15 is going with avatar diversity.


I thought for a second that I was living in the future then I remembered I was beta. Love the release. Should keep variation in the player-base.


is there a guide on what the heck proportions and body type sliders stand for?

I hate how for the last year I had to compare in-game shots to tell the slightest differnce


WOO its finally here!


Why can we only go up to 30% body type? What does 100% body type look like?




t a l l b o y


I love the body type scaling option! What does the body proportions scale do though? I can’t see any difference whether it is set to 0% or 100%.

Also, mad props to the Roblox avatar team for pushing out these new R15 avatars over the past couple years! More limbs, more accessories that can be worn at once, avatar animations/poses, and scaling are really allowing for even more creative and diverse characters to be made on the platform.



It seems that 1 is too much type for me.


I’ve noticed that for some reason Body Type messes with the position of face accessories a little bit, it’s most notable with this combo


Proportions only affect the avatar when Body Type is greater than 0.


My body type is set at 15% and I’m unable to see any difference in proportions.


Go in play solo in studio and mess around with it if it’s not easy to tell on site. There’s number values in your humanoid for these.


Not all games allow these body settings, so feel free to use this game to test out your character settings:


Oh no.


they’re out, boys/gals


Future is here everyone!