Roblox freezing when taking screenshots

I dont know how else to explain it other than a roblox game freezing whenever I try to take an in-game screenshot. This started happening to me I guess a few-couple days ago.

I realize that maybe its supposed to do this, but the main problem I was having is that the screenshot notification message was popping up behind the roblox game window. Because the game freezes, I have to do some fancy mouse maneuvering to get my mouse off the client page and then onto the notification page just to delete it.

To me too, but the thing is the “Screenshot sucess” windows pop behind the ROBLOX window I think.

Yeah, the screenshot success window pops up, but my client freezes as well

Yep, once you close it, the game resumes. I wish we could just disable roblox screenshot system.

I think they can fix it by only making the screenshot window ON roblox window lol.

Well personally I just want to disable the roblox screenshot thing, I like when print screen goes to clipboard, because 95% of the time, I am pasting it into discord

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Not to mention that if you do hit print screen with the roblox player in focus, you don’t get an image put into your clipboard.

I’ll check this out, thanks!

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