Roblox game refuses to publish properly

I can’t find a relevant category that I’m able to post this in -

My game refuses to publish correctly. I’m attempting to publish it to my group, but when it says it publishes, it publishes to my account with the default naming “xXThePortalMasterXx’s Place Number: whatever attempt i’m on at this point”.
In the output it says “Could not publish configuration settings.” “HTTP 400 (Bad Request).”

Any help?

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Relevant category to post this too is : Engine Bugs - DevForum | Roblox, also i have no idea why you are getting that error, google might help.

It won’t let me post in that category, and I’ve googled it and got two results. None of which were relevant.

Searching up HTTP 400, will answer your question :smile:, Contact roblox support.